6 Essential Reasons To Choose Invisalign Over Metallic Braces

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Confused between Invisalign and regular braces? Don’t know which one to opt for? Well, here we’ve talked about some of the significant reasons for selecting clear aligners for your orthodontic treatment. Make an appointment with a highly experienced orthodontist offering affordable Invisalign teeth braces cost in Kolkata to get high-quality invisible aligners installed in your mouth with care and precision.

Before we get into the causes, let’s take a further look at these two dental appliances.

What exactly are braces?

The main purpose of braces is to straighten teeth and reposition them with the aid of metal-made or plastic brackets and wires or rubber bands. Your dentist will tighten these brackets during each appointment to alter the position of your teeth. But it’s quite difficult to maintain your usual lifestyle habits with braces in your mouth. And this is what makes clear aligners a more convenient method for straightening your teeth or resolving bite issues.

What exactly is Invisalign?

The usage of invisible aligners has become a revolutionary means of treatment to correct dental problems such as that of crowded teeth, crooked teeth, underbite or overbite. You can get these technologically advanced removable aligners fitted on your teeth to align them properly without experiencing daily hassle.

Why choose clear aligners over standard braces?

There are many plus points of opting for Invisalign that makes it a preferred dental option for patients.

  • Easy cleaning is possible

It’s a known fact that it can be troublesome to maintain traditional braces. Whether you’re eating with your family or at an outside restaurant, it can be a big stress to keep your teeth and brackets properly cleaned. If you’ve got Invisalign fixed in your mouth, you can quickly remove these aligner trays and brush them softly with usual toothpaste and warm water before putting them back inside.

  • Not too many dental visits are required

If you have metal braces placed in your mouth, you’ll have to see the dentist every now and then to get the rubber bands or wires tightened. However, Invisalign allows you to take part in activities while ensuring progress in repositioning and alignment of your teeth. At the start of the Invisalign treatment, your doctor will hand you many aligner trays for the current period and for later phases. Having these trays in possession will make it possible for you to jump to the next phase without making a trip to the dental chamber.

  • Zero food adjustments assured

You can eat or drink whatever you prefer during Invisalign treatment as these transparent aligners are removable. This reduces the time for cleaning your mouth later. But do make sure to brush thoroughly and rinse your mouth before you reinstall the aligners.

  • Superior comfort

Traditional braces function as the brackets and wires cause tension for repositioning teeth. This tightness induces soreness which creates discomfort till the time it subsides. But if you’re wearing Invisalign braces, you can remove those trays during eating or to brush and floss your teeth. Thus, this technique lessens painful discomfort and scraping against your gum, tongue and cheeks.

  • Looks fine

Unlike dominantly visible metallic braces, clear aligners are hardly visible, making it almost impossible for others to spot their presence. So, you can wear these aligners and look your usual attractive self without anyone taking notice of these invisible braces unless you tell them.

  • Fixes a wide range of dental problems

Do you have crowded teeth, gap teeth or misaligned teeth? Affected with crossbite, underbite, overbite or open bite? Then, timely installation of Invisalign can cure these orthodontic issues effectively, decreasing the chances of developing gum disease or cavities.

Book a checkup with an orthodontic expert to get high-tech Invisalign aligners smartly fitted in your mouth to restore the shape, evenness, alignment and structural perfection of your teeth at pocket-friendly clear teeth braces cost in Kolkata.

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