Your Comprehensive Guide to choose the Aligners or Braces.

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Going for orthodontics treatment, you may find yourself in a dilemma as to what to choose— aligners or braces.

If you have plans to see the orthodontist soon, then you are already like, ‘’Okay, which is suitable for me?’’

Read on to make a firm decision on the matter!

What are Aligners?

The transparent and customized plastic trays that are tightly fitted on your teeth to shift them to a desired position are called aligners (more popularly known as Invisalign or invisible braces). You receive multiple aligner sets that need to be changed every two weeks when you undergo an aligner treatment for teeth correction. With their help, your teeth get corrected, and achieve the correct alignment with your jaw. One of the most noted dental braces clinics offers the best invisible braces treatment Kolkata at a cool price!

What are Braces?

The conventional orthodontic devices that are mainly used to correct misaligned teeth and close the gaps between them are called braces. To hold them in place, they involve the usage of tiny elastic bands, archwire, and metal brackets. These braces can close your teeth gaps, correct your bite issues, and improve your overall dental health. Retainers are needed to be worn post-brace treatment to prevent the chance of a relapse.

When to go for Aligners

  • Aligners are perfect if the teeth spaces in each arch are between 3mm – 6mm.
  • Aligners can be used for correction in case of insufficient space in either of the arches, usually between 0.5mm – 3mm.
  • Posterior teeth need up to 1mm of intrusion and anterior teeth need up to 2mm of intrusion and they can be treated with aligners.
  • With the help of clear aligners, about 30 degrees of rotation in incisors, 20 degrees in canines, and 15 degrees in premolars can be treated.
  • Deep bite cases can also be treated.

When to go for Braces?

  • In severe jaw discrepancies, a skeletal misalignment between the lower and upper jawbone will be there and this can be treated with teeth braces, with some functional devices.
  • When the space between teeth is more than 6mm per arch, severe teeth spacing occurs, and this can be corrected with braces treatment.
  • When your teeth are completely rotated out of position, you need braces to fix them.
  • You need metal braces when you have severe open bite issues.

Now, that you know about the two types of treatment in detail, you know which one to go for (though the ultimate decision will be taken by your orthodontist, based on the severity of your case).

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