Discover Some Important Facts About Dental Implants

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Wondering if you need implants or not? Then, you first need to acquire information about this medical device and its functionality. Book an appointment at a noted dental facility that also makes its mark as a Platinum Invisalign provider to invest in affordable dental implants cost Kolkata treatment.

What are Implants? – Basic Backgrounding

Dental implants are medically certified devices that are surgically inserted into the jaws of a patient to restore their ability to chew or enhance the appearance of their teeth. These act as supportive pillars for artificial teeth like with bridges, crowns, or dentures. Did you lose a tooth due to a disease or injury? Then, you’re likely to experience discomfort due to bone loss, speech defects, or alterations in chewing patterns. In such a case, the replacement of that lost tooth with an implant can remarkably improve your oral health and overall wellness.

A dental implant system usually includes a dental implant body, abutment, and an abutment fixation screw. The body is surgically implanted in the jawbone in the position of the tooth’s root. The abutment is generally joined to the implant body with the help of the screw and passes through the gums into your mouth for supporting the artificial teeth attached.

What to do before and after this Orthodontic Procedure?

Things to keep in mind before the treatment:

  • Your general health will be a crucial factor in determining whether you’re the right candidate for getting implants. It will also allow your doctor to assess the time required for healing and the extent of duration for the device to stay placed in your mouth.
  • Ask your dentist about the model and brand of dental implant system used for fitting and take note of it.
  • Avoid smoking if you’re a smoker as this may interfere with the healing and reduce the long-term benefits.
  • The healing period for the implant may be many months or even longer than that and it is during this time that you will have a temporary abutment attached in place of your tooth.

Things to keep in mind after the treatment:

  • Religiously follow the oral care routine recommended by your orthodontist. Clean the implant regularly as well as the teeth surrounding it for the complete success of the procedure.
  • Ensure that you have frequent checkups scheduled with your doctor as you go through the dental implant course in Kolkata.
  • If your fixed implant gets loose or feels painful, convey it to your dentist quickly.

Benefits of Dental Implant System

  • Revives chewing ability.
  • Restores oral aesthetics.
  • Prevents shrinkage of jawbone due to loss of bone.
  • Retains the health of neighbouring bones and gum.
  • Preserves the stability of adjacent teeth.
  • Levels up life quality in totality.

Consult with an experienced dentist at a respected dental clinic to go through efficient dental implant Kolkata procedure. Not only will such a treatment be painless but it will also be labeled at budget-friendly dental implant cost in Kolkata to improve your teeth’s looks and functioning.

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