Discover Benefits and Costs of Invisible Braces

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Invisible braces and their most popular variant Invisalign is a set of clear plastic aligners that fit your teeth like a glove and help correct mild to moderate teeth alignment issues for the wearer. However, since it involves a dental procedure that is best carried out by an experienced dental practitioner, you should only get yours done at a reputed clinic. So, make sure you browse well and find yourself a reputed dental clinic before you schedule an appointment to get the Invisalign invisible braces for yourself. Additionally, to know more about the benefits and the cost of getting your invisible braces cost in Kolkata, keep reading.

Benefits of choosing Invisalign

  • They are discreet. Hence are invisible to onlookers and do not become an eyesore like traditional metal braces.
  • Since they are tailor-made to fit the wearer’s teeth, they are much more precise and provide a much better fit. This is especially beneficial for people with sensitive gums and teeth.
  • Invisalign fits you like a glove. So, there is less chance of it getting broken and saves you the hassle of constantly going to your dentist to get them fixed.
  • Although, you should ideally keep wearing your invisible braces all the time, you can sometimes remove them while brushing or flossing or when you are eating. However, for the desired results you ideally should wear them for 20-22 hours daily.
  • Traditional metal braces are cemented to your teeth and can be quite painful and invasive. However, Invisalign invisible braces are less invasive than the traditional ones and fit the wearer like a glove.

Cost of getting Invisalign in Kolkata

With so many useful benefits, Invisalign aligners do look quite attractive. However, if you are wondering about the cost of invisible braces, you might want to consult a reputed dental clinic. This is because the procedure involved to get your Invisalign aligners requires your dentist to check your dental alignment concerns, take a 3D scan and suggest a corrective Invisalign aligner that is particularly suited to your problems. Therefore, the cost of the procedure and the braces vary depending on your teeth structure, concerns, and design of the aligners.

Hence, you need to find a reputed clinic and book an appointment first to determine whether you are the right candidate for the procedure or not, and then check what kind of invisible braces are suited for you before you can determine the actual cost. So, browse the web and find the best dental clinic in Kolkata to know the complete details and cost of the procedure, today.

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