Key Differences Between Dental Braces and Clear Aligners

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If you are considering orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, you may be wondering about the differences between traditional dental braces and clear aligners. Both options are popular for teeth straightening, but they have some key differences that may make one more suitable for your needs than the other. Here is a comparison of dental braces and clear aligner side-by-side, on various parameters, to help you make an informed decision.


The cost of orthodontic treatment can vary depending on the complexity of your case, the duration of treatment, and the type of appliance used. The teeth braces cost in Kolkata generally ranges from INR 30,000 to INR 1,50,000, while the cost of clear aligners can be higher, ranging from INR 1,50,000 to INR 4,00,000.

It is important to consult with a qualified orthodontist to get an accurate estimate of braces cost in Kolkata or the cost of your clear aligners treatment.


One of the biggest differences between dental braces and clear aligners is their appearance. Traditional dental braces consist of metal brackets and wires that are attached to the front of your teeth.

Clear aligners, on the other hand, are virtually invisible as they are made of clear plastic and fit snugly over your teeth. If you are concerned about the appearance of your orthodontic treatment, clear aligners may be a better option for you.


Clear aligners are generally considered to be more comfortable than dental braces, as they are made of smooth plastic and do not have any sharp edges or wires that can irritate your gums and cheeks. Dental braces treatment in Kolkata can cause some discomfort, especially when they are first placed and after adjustments, but most people get used to them over time.

Duration of Treatment

The duration of orthodontic treatment can vary depending on the severity of your case and the type of appliance used. In general, treatment with dental braces may take longer than treatment with clear aligners, as braces can exert more force on your teeth and move them more quickly.

However, the duration of treatment can also depend on how well you follow your orthodontist’s instructions and how often you wear your aligners, if you choose clear aligners.


Dental braces require more maintenance than clear aligners in the best dental braces clinic in Kolkata, as food particles can get stuck in the brackets and wires, and they need to be cleaned thoroughly. Clear aligners are removable, so you can take them out to eat and brush your teeth, making them easier to maintain. However, you need to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day for them to be effective, so it is important to follow your orthodontist’s instructions.


If you are considering orthodontic treatment in Kolkata, it is important to consult with a qualified orthodontist to determine which option is best for you. He / she can assess your case, discuss your goals and preferences, and recommend the most suitable treatment plan for your case.

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