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    Are you a

    • If your teeth are very crowded, not leaving enough space in the jaw for the teeth to fit comfortable.
    • If your teeth have too much space between them for reasons like abnormal growth or shifting due to missing teeth.
    • When your upper teeth always bites over the teeth present at the bottom.
    • Conditions when your upper and lower jaws are not aligned properly resulting in your upper teeth biting on your lower teeth and either sides of your mouth.
    • Conditions where your traditional braces had to be removed due to relapsing tooth movements.

    Versus Traditional

    • Invisalign are as the name says Invisible and cannot be spotted easily as compared to Traditional braces which are highly noticeable.
    • Invisalign are easily removable while eating, brushing & flossing while Traditional braces are non removable.
    • Invisalign since being removable is easy to maintain routine for healthy oral care while Traditional braces are difficult.
    • Invisalign fits very smoothly on the teeth while Traditional braces may cause abrasion in the mouth.

    Things you must

    • Invisalign offers multiple advantages over traditional braces as they are discreet and offer much better results in a hassle-free and smooth manner.
    • Invisalign are an ideal orthodontic treatment for people of all age groups.
    • Getting accustomed to Invisalign is relatively easy and the recovery time is also very short.
    • Invisalign results are permanent only if patients practice proper aftercare.
    • Invisalign cost vary depending upon a patient’s smile restoration needs.

    Benefits of

    More Precision

    The use of digital scans leads to much better fits for dental treatments.

    Less Stress

    This is a compact wand that records the exact dimensions of your teeth and gums.

    Less Mess

    The process is a much simple one and less messy also being very simple to execute.

    Beautiful Smile

    Distinctively beautiful smile awaits once the process is successfully completed.

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    Mission Smile

    At Mission Smile Dental Centre, we ensure the usage of latest technology available to create a beautiful smile for you in a very comfortable and state-of-the-art environment. If you desire a gorgeous smile and a lasting support of professional dental care, please do contact our office today!

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      Better results and hassle free, easy to maintain.
      Surgical component that interfaces with the jaw.
      Dental Surgery
      Medical procedures that involve modifying dentition.
      Arrangement in the correct relative positions.
      A Process of lightening the color of human teeth.
      Teeth Braces
      Appliances used to align or straighten the teeth.
      Replacing a missing tooth or cover up tooth defects.
      Root Canal Treatment
      Treatment of infected tooth carefully with necessary steps.

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