Reasons To Choose Invisalign Over Traditional Braces

November 22, 2022by admin0

Were you aware that metallic braces are no longer the only means to making your teeth flawlessly straight? Invisalign is an advanced technology of using clear aligners to resolve crowding, bite imperfections and space problems. Let’s talk about all the reasons why you should go for Invisalign treatment instead of getting conventional braces fitted in your mouth. Arrive at the best dental clinic in Kolkata to get Invisalign braces accurately installed by a skilled orthodontist.

1. Simpler to clean

It may be difficult for you to give your teeth a comprehensive cleaning with metallic braces fitted. And if food remains stuck in areas that are hard to reach, it can seriously affect your dental hygiene. But this is not the case with removable Invisalign aligners. You can take them out completely and proceed with brushing and flossing without being interrupted by wires or brackets.

2. Zero food restrictions

Dentists often advice their patients not to consume specific food or chew their gums once they have braces attached. The worst part is that patients who ignore these suggestions cause damage to their brackets or wires. If you’ve got Invisalign aligners fixed, you won’t have to worry about food restrictions as you’ll easily be able to take them off your teeth and eat whatever you feel like without affecting them.

3. Much more comfortable

It’s natural to take time to get used to a new appliance placed in your mouth. But Invisalign aligners are usually more comfortable than ordinary braces due to two major reasons. The first is that the former lacks in sharp edges that brackets come geared with and cause irritation to your cheeks. Clear aligners have smooth edges so they don’t pose this problem.

Next is that Invisalign braces need no tightening. Common braces need to be manually tightened by your dentist on every visit which creates a certain oral discomfort. But in case of Invisalign, you’re simply handed multiple sets consisting of aligners that you have to change in two weeks while feeling slight tightness on adjustment that’s nothing compared to what tightening of braces feel.

4. Almost invisible

One of the most-heard complaints about usual braces is that they’re unappealing and cover up your precious smile. Invisalign aligners being composed of transparent plastic are hardly noticeable but they deliver the same results as braces. So, even with these clear aligners there in your mouth, you can flash a beautiful smile without them coming in the way.

5. Zero discoloration

Some patients having braces mounted on their teeth experience little discoloration of their teeth in areas covered by the brackets. This occurs even more when the patient consumes higher amounts of sugar or stain-inducing food. The chances of this are slim with traditional braces but you can avoid this entirely with Invisalign. As clear aligners are not attached to your teeth, it’s easy for you to thoroughly clean your teeth and maintain their visual appeal.

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