Tooth Infection: All That You Need To Know About It

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All of it starts with a mild toothache. Then if you go on neglecting your throbbing and a sore tooth for any reason, soon it becomes infected, and if the infected tooth isn’t treated on time, then the dental infection spreads to other parts of your body!

What are the symptoms of a tooth infection?

The different infected tooth symptoms are:

  • Bad breath
  • Swelling of cheeks
  • An odd taste in the mouth
  • Swollen or tender lymph nodes
  • Sensitivity to any sort of pressure in the mouth
  • A killing pain whenever you lie down
  • Sensitivity to cold or hot drinks and food
  • Throbbing pain in the ear, neck, or the jawbone
  • Throbbing toothache

Signs that the infection has spread to other body parts

The infection resulting from an infected tooth can spread to different parts of your body, and can even be life-threatening. Consider these signs:

  • You feel not well
  • You have a face swelling
  • You are feverish
  • Your breathing rate and heart rate increases
  • You experience a terrible stomach pain

What can you do to prevent a tooth infection?

You can easily prevent these symptoms if you brush twice a day, floss regularly, go for a good mouthwash to kill the germs and bacteria that get collected in your mouth from food remains, opt for a soft and effective toothbrush every 2-4 months and go for routine dental checkups. In addition to this, you should also make sure to avoid too much sugar intake.

If you remember these simple tips and make them a part of your daily oral care routine then you can always remain healthy.

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When does it become absolutely essential to visit your dentist?

Every toothache doesn’t lead to serious health issues, but then, if you are experiencing a toothache every day, then it’s better to pay a visit to a dental practitioner before it becomes worse. Schedule an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible if you have a toothache that lasts more than a day.

Paying the visit becomes all the more essential if you have an additional:

  • Pain in your teeth, jaws, and gums while biting and chewing
  • Difficulty in swallowing food or even water
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Swelled throat
  • Fever
  • Too red gums

Visit your dentist as quickly as possible, if your tooth breaks.

You can also follow these tips while waiting for your appointment to get confirmed:

  • Avoid using the tooth that aches whenever you chew food.
  • Strictly avoid sweet, soft, and cold food and drinks.

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