Top 5 Major Benefits of Dental Implants that You Should Know

August 9, 2022by admin0

An advanced-technology replacement tooth that appears and functions like real teeth is a dental implant. A titanium artificial root is carefully placed inside the jaw bone and is used to support a bridge, crown, or denture. A dental implant can last for years if it is cleaned and maintained properly.

The advantages and benefits of dental implants are many, especially when you get them done from a reliable dental clinic center. Some of the most common benefits are:

A dental implant can last your entire life

When you go for a dental bridge, it lasts for a maximum of 10-15 years, but when you opt for dental implants, it can stay as it is for a lifetime. It is made up of titanium and it blends into functioning with the jawbone. It’s absolutely safe and it’s bio-compatible, which in other words means, it is accepted by your body. It is just the best tooth-replacement technique.

It functions like real teeth

A dental implant efficiently restores your full chewing capacity. Many patients have admitted that they can’t tell the difference between their real teeth and the implanted ones. With it, you can not only eat normally but you can brush and floss normally too.

It can keep you safe from nasty gum disease

A missing tooth space or gap acts as a home for waste food particles and bacteria resulting from it. This can lead to gum disease.

A tooth implant keeps the adjacent teeth stable

Do you know that a missing tooth can also cause your adjacent teeth to crookedly shift towards that space or gap? This sort of misalignment, can not only affect your teeth’s appearance but your biting and chewing ability as well. The adjacent teeth’s shifting can cause interference later when you go for a dental implant. It will make the procedure difficult. A weak or poor bite can also result in problems such as toothaches, headaches, and major stomach pain.

It successfully prevents bone loss

When there is a missing tooth, the jaw bone weakens, suffers, and deteriorates because of lack of stimulation. The bone area loses 25% of its volume if there is no implant in the first year after losing a tooth. Like this, the bone loss continues with each passing year. The dental implants replace not only the tooth but the root as well and it restores the chewing function back to normal, thus offering the required stimulation for natural bone growth.

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