Top Tooth Replacement Options After Extraction

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Suffering a nasty toothache, you go for a tooth extraction procedure, but then, once you are done, after some time, you will have to do something with the missing tooth. Remember, if you don’t take care of that missing tooth then over time, your mouth bones weaken, losing their density. In addition to this, your other teeth might shift too and you experience further problems while eating and speaking. There are fortunately some great tooth replacement options.

Getting fixed bridges

After tooth extraction, a feasible option is fixed bridges. As it is secured or cemented in place by your dental practitioner, you cannot remove it. Your dentist will be doing it if it is found essential. To place a fixed bridge, your dentist starts it by preparing the teeth on either side of your missed tooth. In order to connect them together with the bridge, the teeth need to be cut down. Next, the dentist takes the teeth impression. The impression is then sent to the lab where the lab technicians work using glass-ceramics, ceramics, or metal to make the bridge. Until the permanent one is ready, you will be asked to wear the temporary one. After some time, you go back to have your fixed bridge secured. You can get this treatment at a reasonable price.

The removable partial denture procedure

You can also take the help of removable partial dentures. These procedures comprise artificial teeth and a base. In order to improve function and stability, your dentist will use a clasp that will attach the denture to the natural teeth. If you want then you can wear the removable partial denture during the day and take it off at night. To make sure of the proper fit, follow-up appointments with the dentist are mandatory. If the denture chip or cracks then repairs will have to be done. You will also need to get repairs if there are changes in the mouth. The tooth replacement cost over here is roughly between Rs 12,000 to Rs 30,000.

Dental implant treatment

The crown is supported by the abutment, which is further held in place by the implant. The implant, depending on your needs, is either placed on your upper or lower jaw and it acts as the root. Implants are the best option as they are secure, and stable, with the appearance and feel of natural teeth. After the implant is placed in your jawbone, your mouth needs time to heal. Your bone grows around the implant during this healing time period. For this, it takes several months. You can get the crown immediately after the implant but it is better to wait for some time, till your mouth heals. Though expensive, dental implant is cost-effective in the long run.

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