Dental Braces

The Ultimate purpose of

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Dental braces are orthodontic devices used to correct various dental and orthodontic issues such as misalignment, crooked tooth and more.


Braces apply consistent pressure on the teeth, thus move them into their proper positions over time.

Alignment of Crooked Teeth:


Braces effectively close gaps or spaces between teeth.

Closing Gaps:


This includes conditions like overbites,underbites,and crossbites.

Correction of Malocclusion:


Braces are used to correct issues related to the alignment of the upper and lower jaws.

Improvement of Jaw Alignment:

Braces may be recommended to prevent potential dental problems in the future.Braces may be used to guide their growth and prevent more extensive orthodontic issues later on.

Preventive Measures:

Try out the types of braces

Metal/Traditional braces

Ceramic Braces

Lingual Braces

Clear Aligners

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