Some Questions Asked Commonly About Invisible Braces

January 20, 2022by admin0

Invisible braces are regarded as excellent alternatives to traditional metal braces and are known to help in aligning teeth without the need to wear something as inconvenient and unpleasant as a metal brace. Read and know about some of the important questions that are asked of him about invisible braces and invisible braces treatment Kolkata today.

Are invisible braces similar in quality to regular metal braces?

It is true that invisible braces have been around for only a few years now and these are still comparatively new. It is important to know that both traditional metal braces and invisible braces work very well. But in the case of the latter, the whole process is planned with the help of advanced computer technology. Dentists make use of virtual reality for manipulating each tooth – which can generate excellent results.

In the case of invisible braces, the process happens to be much more planned and patients can have a more accurate understanding of the outcome. They can get the chance to see the images of how their teeth would look like, once the process comes to an end. When you get the treatment done by an expert, experienced pediatric dentist near me, you can get help at each step of the process.

Are these types of braces actually invisible?

These are not actually invisible but can be regarded as clear or transparent braces. These are very small and slim in size. The braces are designed and composed of a transparent material that is very difficult to see from the outside. These are fitted over the front of teeth and are shaped in a proper way to match your teeth. Unless someone looks at your teeth very closely, it would be almost impossible to make out the differences. Even during regular conversations every day, you cannot find out whether or not somebody is wearing invisible braces.

Does the teeth alignment process take longer with invisible braces?

That is not the case. Actually, the time is reduced by 50% off what it takes when traditional metal braces are used. In the case of metal braces, the results can be expected in 2 to 3 years – whereas, in the case of clear braces, the treatment can come to completion within as little time as 18 months. Also, in the case of clear braces, patients can be surer of the outcome. The process is completed in much less time and the braces are almost undetectable.

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